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Free Shipping on orders above "999"
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Purpose – Why do we exist?

We foster the concept of healthy cookware; that’s the reason for our existence. We live in the fast-paced modern era; a result of which we are lacking an authentic way of cooking food healthily. We aim to make your food healthy & delicious using sustainable materials that are both good for you & the planet. 

Our vision is to encourage cooking in a healthy & sustainable manner. Wave off the nasty cookware with toxic coatings & indulge in the goodness of natural materials. 


We aim at shifting people’s choices from toxic non-stick cookware to a healthy option. We want to make Satvaa the synonym of healthy cookware. 

How will we conduct ourselves in support and pursuit of our mission, vision, and purpose?

  1. Awareness about healthy cookware – We will spread awareness regarding the benefits of cooking in healthy & sustainable materials. 
  2. We Satisfy & Delight our customers- Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder. We strive to meet or exceed their expectations in every shopping experience.
  3. Community Support-  We support the talent & skills of the local artisans. Every product is unique in itself & that’s a direct reflection of a community’s people, culture, and cuisine.
  4. Healthy Living– Our products are made from natural materials and are made sure to promote a Safe & healthy cooking experience to our customers.
  5. Protect Environment- We make sure that the products we sell are zero-carbon neutral. We are committed to the vision of clean and sustainability. 

How did we start?

The story of how Satvaa was born can be traced back to the time when drinking tea after every lecture was a mandate. One such day, when that relishing first sip of tea didn’t feel familiar they realized that the tea was contaminated as it was being served in a small plastic cup. That was our “Newton moment” where the idea of having food & beverages in healthy materials came up. Right from that moment, they decided to dig deep & analyze the actual problem of the non-stick cookware available in the market. They realized that most of the cookware available in the market is made from Aluminum, Non-Stick Cookware, stainless steel, etc and they have harmful materials like PFOA, PFAS, PTE, Lead, and Cadmium which slowly leach into our food every day.

They started looking for better alternatives and found their answer in the traditional natural products. The history of which dated back to Ayurveda & has been utilized in our nation for thousands of years. These items are made of clay, iron, brass, copper, and other materials, but it seems that people have forgotten about them. As a result, SATVAA was born to bring back the goodness of natural cookware. 

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