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Most of the doctors suggests to eat Curd as it has many Health Benefits. But Are we eating right & safe Curd ?

Add Curd in your Daily Diet

By the way, Do you like Curd ? If yes,then do you prepare Curd at your home OR prefer to buy it from the market?

I know most of the people prefer to buy Curd from the market as they find that Curd more tasty than the homemade one. Even earlier, I was the one who prefered to do so. But now I love the homemade Curd. Actually there is reason or a secret, (Whatever we can say) behind this and the secret is that now I have Earthen Pots. Now, you people will think that what is the connection of Earthen pots with Curd. But Before telling this,

Let me Introduce you with earthen Curd Setter..


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Now, You might have checked the Curd Setter. You may not find it interesting as yet but now onwards you will going to love this product as now I am going to reveal all benefits of the Curd setted in Earthen pots. And yes, Don’t worry if you don’t know how to prepare Curd at home as we are here ( Vo kya kahte hain…Don’t fear when Satvaa is here).

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Anyway, let’s get back to the Topic.


From the very Beginning, it has been a tradition of setting Curd in the Earthen Pots but now a days People have started doing so in Aluminium, steel & plastic utensils as well. But it is harmful for our health.

First benefit of Curd setted in Earthen Pots is that it is ALKALINE IN NATURE

Earthen Pot

As we all know that Curd & Milk both contains Lactic Acid which makes them Acidic in Nature . So, for delecious Curd, we need something which can balance out this acidic nature of the curd and can make it Alkaline because this acid makes the curd Sour but if it is balanced at the same time then the Curd become less Sour, Creamy and more Sweet. And that’s what we all need. Hence, we need Earthen pots/ Clay Curd Setter to follow this procedure.

Earthen Pots helps to maintain the Temperature

To set Curd, it is very important to keep it at certain Temperature. The Clay pots helps to maintain the normal temperature. Therefore, While setting Curd in any other vessels, it starts becoming Sour very quickly. But, the curd prepared in Clay handis will never turn Sour and the taste of that remains same for very long time. You too can see the difference in taste of curd if you will prepare it in Clay pots.

Provides a good Consistency to the Curd

Look at the Thickness..

You must have noticed that the curd made in any other vessels is not as thick as it should be, but the same prepared in clay pots have a thick texture. The reason behind this is that Clay Pots have very small small pores (which are not visible with naked eyes) which absorbs the excess water from the curd and provides the thick consistency while the other utensils don’t have the tendency to do so, as a result, curd setted in other utensils remains thin because the excess water retains in that curd.Hence, it also affects the taste of Curd.


I think by now you must have made up your mind to use Earthen pots for preparing Curd. And if you haven’t thought so, this means you need to know more benefits of curd setted in Earthen Pots.

I think by now you must have made up your mind to use Earthen pots for preparing Curd. And if you haven’t thought so, this means you need to know more benefits of curd setted in Earthen Pots.

Am I right? But no issues, just wait for our another post regarding the same as it has so many benefits that can’t be explained in a single post.

At last, Thank you very Much!!!!! to read this post. And I hope you found it useful & insightful.

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