Cooking Utensils- Ranked best to worst 2021

Most of the kitchens have become used to stainless steel, glass and non-stick cooking utensils. When we develop a health-conscious attitude, the first thing we look at is our diet. Then we fill our basket with the healthiest fruits, veggies and other ingredients. But we forgot to consider cooking utensils.

Cooking utensils

Do you know cooking utensils affects our health in many different ways? As per Ayurveda, stainless steel or glass utensils are not the right choices.

In ancient times, people used to cook in copper utensils, bronze utensils or earthen utensils.

In this article, we have talked about cooking utensils ranked from best to worst. This article is going to help you in choosing the right utensils for your kitchen.

Earthen Utensils

In ancient times, people used to use clay pots or earthen utensils for cooking food. Due to its high nutritional value and great taste, people loved earthen utensils. But modernization engulfed the traditional habits and later people shifted to other utensils.

Cooking utensils

As people are becoming aware, they started shifting back to organic products. However, Earthen utensils take a longer time to cook the food but never fails to impress taste buds. Additionally, the moisture of the food remains intact and the nutritional value is also high.

Small tip: Buy unglazed pots instead of glazed ones, as they never come in touch with chemicals.

Bronze Utensils

Bronze is the second-best metal that should be used to cook food. As It keeps 97% of the nutritional value of food. What else one could ask for?

cooking utensils

The list of benefits associated with bronze utensils is the longest. Further, It helps in weight loss, ends skin problems, promotes healthy eyesight.

People with Alzheimer’s disease are often advised to eat in bronze utensils. The biggest disadvantage of bronze cookware is, ghee cannot be used in cooking.

You can consider buying these utensils if you can avoid cooking ghee-rich items in these utensils.

Brass Utensils

Do you know brass is the most commonly used metal in villages and small towns?

Cooking utensils

The list of benefits of using brass utensils is big. Also, It can make the water germ-free within 4 hours. The maintenance cost is not high.

It helps in increasing HB level, overcomes skin problems and helps in healing from pitta. Further, Storing water in brass utensils increases the immunity of people who drink water from these utensils.

Cast Iron Utensils

cooking utensils

It keeps the food hot for a longer time. Also, It requires less oil for cooking. While purchasing make sure you are buying it from a reliable place.

Discard these utensils immediately!

Aluminium Utensils

cooking utensils

Aluminium cookware provides an even distribution of heat and is a good conductor. Do you know it releases a chemical in the food that makes the food extremely unhealthy?

You must have heard people saying: Don’t boil milk in aluminium utensils or don’t cook tomatoes. As it gets warped when exposed to high temperatures.


cooking utensils

I know, you love Teflon! Because it is not pricey and is easy to clean. Hold on! Are you aware of the wrongs it could do to your food? It is toxic.

It releases harmful chemicals into food or even air, making your food unhealthy and inedible. So, let the love for your health overpower the love for Teflon and discard it right now!

Copper Utensils

cooking utensils

According to Ayurveda, copper is a great choice, but science didn’t agree. Like aluminium, copper heats well but hates acidic food items.

Apart from that, maintenance cost is high, as you have to get it polished now and then. Further, the metallic properties do not only discolor the food but also spoils the taste.

The list of flaws is overpowering the list of benefits. Now you are wise enough to make the best choice for your kitchen.

Final Words

Lastly, Cooking utensils affect your health. This article must have apprised you with characteristics of different cookware and why you should or shouldn’t use them.

So which cooking utensils you are going to choose for your kitchen? Drop the names in the comment section. 

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