How clay cookwares can cure Diabetes ?

Clay cookwares
Clay cookwares for Diabetes

How clay cookwares can cure Diabetes ?

Earthen utensils are something which is in use from ancient times. These utensils have their great benefits that’s why, earlier, people used to use clay cookwares instead of steel or aluminium one.

People who add clay utensils in their modern life keep themselves away from many health issues. Diabetes is one of them. Yes, you read it right !!! Earthen utensils can cure mild stage of Diabetes to a large extent if used consistently.

But first we need to understand the cause of Diabetes..

Well!! There are two different types of carbs present in our food which are – Simple carbs & Complex carbs. Both of carbohydrates need to balanced properly for the optimal production and management of quality Insulin, hormone produced by the pancreas to manage the absorption of glucose from the blood into the cells.

While cooking food in regular utensils, complex carbs get destroyed due to harsh heat of metal cookwares . As a result, the amount of Simple carbs in our food increases which leads to overloading of simple carbs in the diet.

How this affects to our body...? So, when the body don’t get the balanced amount of both carbs, then the production of insulin hormone gets low. Due to which the amount of glucose (a form of sugar produced by the body) taken up by the cells affects. Further, it affects the digestion of Food.


Way of healing Diabetes with clay cookwares

Clay is completely natural without any toxic elements in it. Food is prepared in clay pots on low heat which helps to retain all the essential nutrients in the food without getting destroyed. As a result, the Complex carbs in the food don’t get vanish from the food which leads to proper balance in both simple & complex carbs.

The balanced proportion of the nutrients in the food improves the body’s ability to produce Insulin which helps to cure this disease. Also, some steps need to be taken apart from replacing your regular cookwares into earthen one. Like taking slightly lesser quantities of high carb food like grains, beans and Lentils.

So, what are you waiting..

Switch to clay cookwares and say ”Goodbye” to Diabetes.

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