1. Crafts and Artisan: Now craftsmen and artisans have found a platform to showcase their talent. They are now working aggressively to restore their business. Due to modernization, this golden concept of cooking in earthen utensils got shielded by melamine, bone China and steel utensils. We are bringing them back.
  2. Zero Carbon Footprint: Earthen utensils emits no carbon, making them eco-friendly. The stress on the purchase of such products can make the environment happy.
  3. More Efficient and Sustainable Production: We are not making use of chemicals or inorganic materials for production. We are using naturally available clay and efficiently offering purity to the customers.
  4. Better Material: A finer quality material is used in the production of earthen products. And by the material we mean clay that is suffused with minerals like phosphorous and many more. Earthen products are rich in nutrients and provide several health benefits.
  5. Be part of the Revolution: We have become a part of the revolution that aims for sustainable growth. Along with serving the environment, we are promoting rural employment by resorting to small potters, craftsmen and artisans.

Comparative Table:

Earthen UtensilsStainless steel utensilsCast Iron Carbon Utensils
Non-toxicNot too much
AffordableLess expensive than copper and other
Heat conductivity Not too much