Clay cookwares

Cooking food in Clay Cookwares is been a tradition in India since very long . But gradually people started shifting towards other modern utensils. But being a modern, doesn’t always mean to discontinue the use of previous traditional things & to adopt the new things without knowing the harmful impacts of those things. And also, the things made with new technology are not always beneficial to us (excluding exceptional cases).

Now, you will think that why I am telling this all to you if the topic is Different. So, I am saying this to you because I don’t want you to forget our Indian tradition. And We want to revive the Indian Culture.



We are the consumer. And being a rational consumer, It is our responsibility to choose the right and safe products for ourselves. Most of the marketing companies influence us to buy a wrong thing and even sometimes the thing which are of no use. If you are one of those people who get influenced by these salesy kind of things, then you need to be more aware while choosing the things for you.

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Only after reading the blog (link given above), decide which cookware will be best for you!!! Be a Rational Consumer…

Clay Cookwares

And I am happy to say that now our country India is changing as people take decision only after getting aware with Pros. & Cons. of the product. ( APNA INDIA BADAL RAHA HAI )

People are becoming more conscious towards their health. Hence again there is a trend of using Clay Cookwares. And that’s Good!!!!

But Do you Know that in order to increase the life shell of your cookwares and to prepare a perfect tasted dish, you need to follow some important tips. And today I am going to tell you some of the tips as you have understood this with the title also. That’s Why You are here!!!


What happened, Are you so lazy that you don’t want to read this anymore….Keep on reading as this is beneficial for you only and also the *HALF KNOWLEDGE IS ALWAYS DANGEROUS* , So don’t go without reading the complete blog….Hey ! Hey ! Not threatning you, Just giving a Advice..Take it or leave it ;

So, Let’s get started…..

1. After cooking, clean the clay pot with warm water.

2. Always cook on Low to Medium Flame.

3. Never use any Metal Spatula for cooking, Rather use the wooden one.

4. Don’t Put empty pot on gas flame for very long time.

5. For cleaning, never use any Soap or Detergent because Clay Handis are porous and can absorb soaps.

6. Always use any scrubber to clean the clay pots ( preferable Coconut Scrub )

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Stay Tuned for more content !!!!!! Bye, Bye ;;; See you again soon 🙂

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