Why should we use earthen utensils?

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Why should we use earthen utensils: Have you ever thought about why tea tastes better in kulhad as compared to other utensils? Yes, you guessed it right. The magic is in earthen utensils and not your chai patti. It lends earthy scent and flavour to your basic Chai and makes it irresistible.

why you should use earthen utensils.

Not just tea, any food item stored in earthen utensils taste better than steel or other utensils. The concept is not new as people are becoming aware and they use earthen utensils to store or even cook food.

Here is why you should use earthen utensils .

  1. Porous in nature:  Earthen utensils have porous nature. They maintain both heat and moisture and the food does not lose its aroma and taste. If you are a meat lover, then earthen pot should be your first choice as it maintains the softness and flavours for a longer time.
  2. Earthen utensils use less oil: As we already said, earthen utensils or pots retain moisture and oils. So, you don’t have to use extra oil to maintain the taste and deliciousness of the food.
  3. Alkaline in nature: This is the reason why food in earthen utensils does not lose nutrition easily. The clay (alkaline in nature) interacts with the acidity of food and neutralizes the pH balance, maintaining the nutrition of the food.
  4. Better than plastic utensils:When we use plastic utensils to heat food in the microwave, plastic releases toxic chemicals after getting heated. These chemicals can adversely affect our health, while earthen utensils do not release toxic chemicals and are safe to use.
  5. They look classy: Do not worry about the looks! The rustic look of earthen utensils makes them look elegant. The looks are as amazing as the taste.
  6. Perfect for milk products: You must have heard of desserts like Mishti Doiand matka kulfi. They are served in earthen pots as the earthy scent adds a lot to the flavour of the product. You can consider storing curd, milk or other milk products in earthen utensils.

Right from looks to the taste of food items, everything is beyond amazing. What are you waiting for? Grab your earthen crockery now! 

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